About Us

Our Founders | 1982
“I bought it on the internet, it must be good​.”
– Abraham Lincoln, 1865

That quote from Honest Abe is what our great grandfathers John and James had in mind when they founded The Superphonica website back in 1892. Fresh off the boat, Jonny and Jimmy registered the domain name from the Ellis Island internet cafe. They wanted to provide a transparent and honest online marketplace to the people. Unlike swindler Patrick O’Callahan who sold them luxury accommodations on the S.S. Shamrock out of Galway Bay, Ireland, only to find out they were in steerage for the entire trip to America. Shortly before launching the site, Jonny and Jimmy were in Kieran’s pub having a beverage, when someone told them to “Drop the ‘The’ just use Superphonica.” From then on, the website was known as Superphonica.

OK, so we changed some names and dates to protect the innocent. Here’s the real story. Dave and Chris are brothers from Minneapolis, MN. They spent their fair share of years in suits and ties working for the man. After way too many meetings to “get on the same page” or “get their ducks in a row” or “touch base” or “reach out” or “drill down” to “keep their eye on the ball” in the “most important quarter of their lives,” Dave and Chris were ready for a change.

In 2007 Chris Connaker started Computer Audiophile the first internet site dedicated to the convergence of high tech and hi-fi. The site married his education and work experience in enterprise information technology with his passion for music and good sound. The site quickly took off, enabling Chris to quit his day job in 2009 and run the site full time. He hasn’t looked back since.

Chris has over a decade of experience designing, configuring, and managing global IT networks. From desktop hardware and software to network disk / storage to switches, routers, and firewalls. Chris has experience with all of them. He has also designed and built many music servers from absolutely silent Windows based servers to high power Macintosh based music servers, and tiny Linux servers and endpoints. Chris has also used a majority of the “canned” music servers on the market and has very good knowledge of the graphical user interfaces (GUIs) and inner-workings of many of the servers.

In addition to reviewing computer and audio equipment, conducting interviews, hosting events such as the inaugural Computer Audiophile Symposium, and writing how-to articles on ComputerAudiophile.com, Chris is a computer audio consultant to manufacturers, dealers, distributors, record labels, and consumers all over the world. He offers everything from one-on-one personalized consulting to group events covering the latest in computer and music server playback. Chris has a unique combination of Information Technology expertise and an Audiophile’s ear that separates him from the stereotypical techies.

In his free time Chris enjoys listening to many styles of Jazz. He listens to all of the Analogue Productions Jazz reissues by Sonny Rollins, Chet Baker, Thelonious Monk, and Art Pepper. However, Chris does listen to every kind of music available like heavy metal, country, easy listening, classical, rock, Cuban, and even the 1980s – 90s hair bands. Chris’ favorite band has been Pearl Jam from the day he purchased the Ten CD in August 1991.

Chris currently resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, daughter, two cats, and three chihuahuas.

Dave Connaker Co-Founded Superphonica with Chris in 2017. Dave’s love for music and technology started at an early age once he accumulated enough allowance to purchase his first vinyl record, The Wall by Pink Floyd (Chris later brought Dave’s album to 2nd grade to play Another Brick in the Wall for the class). His enthusiasm for audio excellence continued after a private tour of Abbey Road Studio in Westminster, England.

Furthermore, while accidentally (on purpose) listening to Mariah Carey’s 1993 hit Dreamlover, Dave was intrigued by the unmistakable popping noise throughout the song. From this moment forward, Dave was hooked on the endless possibilities technology could bring to music. Dave enjoys all music genres from Jazz to Classical, but maintains a special fondness for 80’s Heavy Metal.

Previously, Dave was President of two global high tech software companies where he merged acquisitions for Toshiba. He also spent time growing the company’s global footprint successfully implementing the world’s largest data management platform at Tokyo Electric Power Company in Japan. Dave was also an award winning Director with Verizon Wireless. As the Director of National Sales and Operations, he managed a direct sales force that included working with manufacturers, dealers and customers.

Dave brings invaluable experience managing everything from the geeky technical wizards to the essential activities of running a business. In 2017, after 20+ years of corporate experience, Dave joined forces with brother Chris to expand and create the business they have talked about for years.

Dave earned a Master’s degree in management from the University of Mary and Bachelor’s degree in Communications from St. Cloud State University graduating cum laude. He resides in Minneapolis, Minnesota with his wife, two boys and dog Stella.

Dave, Mom, Chris | 1978