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2 TPL MC200CM FMCs + Tripplite cable + IFI PS



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Offered are two TP-Link MC200CM Gigabit Ethernet Media converters, one Duplex Fiber Patch cable to connect between them and one IFI 9V/1.5amp PS. The IFI PS can be used for one of the converters. Each of the two TP-Link converters come with their own PS also, but the IFI can be used on the outlying converter to reduce noise at the point closest to your DAC/network bridge/etc.

I bought these things to try and replicate Michael Lavorgna’s scheme for optical isolation of audio from hi-fi stuff (see his link below). I wasn’t able to get it to work for myself, perhaps because I am not computer savvy enough or because of my Verizon FIOS cable home setup.

If you know more about cabling and networks than I do, you should be able to get this to work for yourself. The price I am offering this whole package for is pretty good, about 50% of retail depending on what you pay for the TP-Link converters (AMZN retail=$57.50, MSRP=$64). The Tripplite patch cable retails for $10 on Amazon. And the IFI PS is a $49 retail value, but mine comes without the box and extra connectors although of course it works with the TP-Link converters.

Here is a link for the TP-Link devices:

Please note that one of the TP-Link converters is Version 2 and the other is version 3. But they should have no problem working with each other.

You will be responsible for shipping and paypal charges. Please check my trade feedback on Audiogon under my moniker: “agriculturist”. Thanks for looking.


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