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Is your hi-fi music system lacking a natural, musical realness? It is likely that your interconnect cables are choking off some of the critically important high frequencies that are typically lost as the signal travels along a standard, machine-made interconnect. The Quad-Braid series by Pine Tree Audio is a unique unshielded cable with ultra low inductance to allow all frequencies to make their way through your line-level source component to its next destination.

Quad-Braid Interconnects are sold as a pair of 2.

Length measurements are made between connectors, you will receive a true-measured cable with generous connector length.

Using 18AWG oxygen free copper and a precise 4-wire braiding technique, we are able to deliver an extremely quiet, harmonically rich musical experience for all audiophiles. Using Rean 24k Gold Plated connectors, individual conductor isolation and protective heat shrink, our cables will exceed your expectations in terms of construction and sonic quality.

Please note: these cables are designed for line level components, they will not function properly from the output of a turntable. They will however work wonderfully with any digital or line-level analog source’s analog outputs (CD, DAC, DVD, Blu-Ray, Music Server, Preamp to Amp etc.). Take your listening experience to the next level today!

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