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The Rainbow Ribbon series of speaker cables by Pine Tree Audio is truly like nothing you have ever heard before. These 14AWG cables use 26 Oxygen-Free, silver plated copper conductors in a parallel/twisted pair configuration to provide the richest, smoothest, most sonically accurate audio you have ever heard from a speaker cable in your system.

Extensive listening tests on low power SET amplifiers, pentode tube powered amps, MOSFET amplifiers, and other solid-state amps has proven that the Rainbow Ribbon speaker cables are a true winner if you are after the ultimate speaker cable upgrade.

Here are some of the responses we collected from our listening tests with A/B comparisons:

“The warmth in the top end of the music is incredible, going from the store-bought cables to the Rainbow Ribbons was a night and day kind of difference.” – Evan R.

“I have listened to this Dire Straits track a thousand times if I’ve heard it once and I can honestly say I heard layers that I never heard before with the Rainbow cables then I do on my own system.” -Chuck M.

“My next plan is to hook up my Rainbow Ribbon speaker cables and revisit my CD collection, they are that good!” -Louis R.

Our favorite Nakamichi Banana Plugs are used on these cables and are color coded and 24k gold plated.

Enjoy the true sonic colors of your music with the Rainbow Ribbon speaker cables by Pine Tree Audio.

Please note: Due to the flat profile of these cables, they cannot be shipped in an envelope so as to avoid damage. We use Priority Mail Medium Flat Rate boxes which cost $12.85, thank you for your cooperation.

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