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Soundstring Cable Technologies

“Starfire Series” Tricormaxial™ High Performance Speaker Cables with 24 Kt. Gold plated heavy duty crimp style 8mm Spade Terminals all ends

8.5ft Pr  $245 plus $20 flat fee shipping.

I’ve owned and used Nordost,  Acoustic Zen, Kimber,  MIT, Transparent ,  and others..  For my asking price of $245  The SoundString Starfire is in the same league as many of the brands mentioned in overall performance and better than many by not adding it’s own signature to the signal.

I owned multiple pairs of these cables.  They have UNUSED ( hence the reason why you will NOT see chewed up markings on any of the spade connectors).   I’m calling them USED but in fact they are technically NEW. ( same condition as the Monster M2.2 I have listed).

This listing is for one Pair, I have 2 pairs to offer.    I’ll ship single sets in generic USPS packing, if both sets of cables are purchased, you can have the factory box they’re in *( packed inside of appropriate shipping carton and shipping will be combined).

INFORMATION “borrowed” directly off of the Soundstring website:

Patented and trademarked “Progressive Geometric Multi-Gauge/Multi-conductor™” high performance speaker cables with 24 Kt. Gold plated heavy duty 8mm crimp style spade terminals and an abrasion resistant “static guard” Harvest Gold colored tightly woven Nylon Multi-filament outer covering.

Technical Specifications Tricormaxial™ High Performance speaker cables featuring our patented and trademarked dual 3 conductor “Progressive Geometric Multi-Gauge/Multi-conductor™” design allows all signals and frequencies to independently “seek the path of least resistance” as they travel virtually unimpeded over the individual conductor surfaces from termination to termination.

Conductors are a composite 10.5 AWG overall with 4-9’s (99.99%) pure finely stranded OFEBC (oxygen free electrolytic bare copper) in a rope-lay design for greater surface area that virtually neutralizes skin effect and minimizes “break-in” time.

Conductors are individually insulated with 105ºC RoHS (lead free) flame retardant thin wall color coded low durometer flexible PVC, all to a uniform outside diameter regardless of the gauge of the individual copper conductors. They are cabled in a precise geometric pattern that minimizes surface contact.

Jacket is a 105ºC RoHS (lead free) flame retardant heavy wall low durometer flexible White PVC, surface printed with our name, “Made in USA” and directional arrows to insure maximum flow of signals and frequencies across the surface area of the individual conductors from the amplifier to the speakers.

Spade Terminals are heavy duty 8mm “crimp” style with 24 Kt. Gold plating for maximum conductivity.

Outer covering over White cable jacket is a premium grade “Static Guard” abrasion resistant tightly woven Nylon multi-filament in a Harvest Gold color for eye pleasing aesthetics and maximum flexibility.

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Tricormaxial Speaker Cables with Spades


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