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How good is it? Well I bought one! Inquire with my friends how often this happen :). If you are in a search for an integrated amplifier, do yourself a favor and search for your nearest Burmester dealer. All this might sound as a written commercial and in a way it is. Listen and conclude yourself.

Thanks again to Igor Kante from Ubiq for providing the test equipment as usually! He’s a true Burmester fanatic and believer in their quality.

Matej Isak

Technical Specs

• 3 balanced inputs for CD, Tuner & AUX (one more than the 991) plus two unbalanced inputs with a tape loop
• Balanced surround loop for easy integration into Home Theater systems
• Completely DC-coupled signal path without distorting capacitors
• Burmester X-Amp amplification technology
• Volume adjustment in 60 steps through an ultra-precise volume control with optimal channel synchronism
• Tape monitor loop
• Preamplifier output
• Headphones jack on the back panel
• Tone controls with separate adjustments for bass and treble (bridgeable)
• Tone controls may be bridged without loss of musical quality
• Balance control left/right (40 steps each)
• Impedance adjustment for inputs (+/- 15 dB)
• Volume control and signal input selection by remote
• Power output 2x85W at 8W, 2x120W at 4W
• Intelligent circuit protection which indicates the type of error in the display
• Remote on/off switching capability
• High-performance power supply with beefy toroidal transformer (450VA) and high filter capacity (70.000µF)
• Active stabilization of the power supply for the power amp’s input stage
• Evenly high damping factor over the entire frequency range provides optimal speaker control
• New BurmesterLink™ with RS-232 and USB2.0 connection

Weight: app. 19 kg
Dimensions (W x H x D): 482 x 95 x 340 mm

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