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Musical Design D-75.3b amp w/ Elite Ultra 6 board



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For sale is a completely rebuilt D-75.3b Musical Design stereo amplifier, 2018 version. The unit has the Elite Ultra 6-series driver board, the most current, and one transformer.. Sounds amazing and competes with anything in the $5000 range. Wide dynamics without hesitation nor does it soften peaks. Bass is tight, clean, very deep and timbre definition is superb.

This amp has had less than 100 hours of usage.

From the musical design website:

This amp has had less than 100 hours of usage.

From the musical design website:

“Elite Ultra Technology: The Elite Ultra is, well, ultra. It uses a costly CRC power supply like the other designs but with the unmatched Mundorf Black Titanium capacitors for the output stage. These caps are more than twice the value of the less expensive models with a total of 80,000uF for the output stage. It is then cascaded into a further CRC power supply utilizing Nichicon Muse power supply capacitors for the front-end stages. This is an amazing power supply design for any amplifier, much less an actually affordable product. We use eight superb Mundorf Black Titanium electrolytic caps for the output stage.

The great sounding Nichicon Muse KZ caps are employed in the additional CRC front-end circuit producing smooth, highly filtered DC voltage for the input stages with purely passive techniques. It gives you more true, vivid ‘tonal colors’ than a certain silk capacitor. The voltage here has no trace of the peaky saw-tooth noise you see in many front-end supplies. High purity, passively filtered DC means high-purity sound.

Takman CF resistors are used. They have a great purity and naturalness. The 3D soundstage and pinpoint imaging quality is a treat too.

Elite Ultra sound: The CRC technical details aside you get an even greater benefit than you might expect. The sound is much in the same family that you get from our Elite version, but with an added neutrality, smoothness, silkiness, dimensionality and a striking purity. The soundstage is even more solid and ‘locked in’.”


    • Single-Ended, Class-A front end with Current Source Single-Ended, Class-A Cascode
    • LED-Biased driver stage operates in high quiescent current mode – extremely wideband and linear design.
    • Power MOSFET output stage is rugged, reliable, delicate sounding. There is no need for sonically compromised VI limiting typically used in bipolar amps
    • Large Power Supply – Each channel has separate power rectification and capacitor bank
    • Quiet Toroid power transformer
    • Gold-Plated, Teflon® RCA jacks, Gold-plated, hi-current 5-way binding posts IEC Power cord socket for alternative power cords
    • D-75D Elite and Ultra models have all D-75D features plus dual power transformers, exotic power supply caps, Nichicon Muse front-end capacitors, superb sounding soft-recovery rectifiers, gold and copper audio connectors, Rhodium IEC socket for power cord

Shipping to the U.S. only. I will pay for shipping if price is met. Please PM or email with any questions and thank you for your consideration.

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