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This just came back from the Naim factory in Salisbury UK after a DR upgrade. Uses trickle down technology developed for their $90,000 Statement monoblocks (yes $180,000 to get a stereo setup). While the original 500 is a great amp as evidenced by how long it was in their lineup, the DR takes it another level. The ultimate Naim amp unless you can afford the Statements.  My price is fair as I will pay for shipping and eat the PayPal fees but I am open to reasonable offers especially if you pay by certified check and I can avoid PayPal fees.

With their predecessors sounding drab and lackluster by comparison, the technology handed down from the Statement electronics and the way in which it has been incorporated into the new DR amplifiers would have to be judged as a brilliant and unqualified success.  
NAP500 requires the replacement of no less than twenty supplies due in part to its bridged configuration, and together with the 250 and 300, redesigned circuit boards and heatsink assemblies necessitate replacement of virtually all of the electronics. There will be a further option to have the power supply serviced, replacing all the reservoir capacitors in the process.

They also were serviced (new caps) making it essentially a new amplifier.  I considered leaving them sealed in the boxes but decided I should inspect them before offering them for sale. I only plugged it in for a bit to make sure it is working properly so this is essentially a brand new amp in an older case. Note pictures of sealed boxes before I opened them to inspect and the wonderful physical condition of both power supply and amp.
The work was completed last October. They offer a 1 year transferable warranty so this is covered until October of this year. You will be getting a retail $34,000 world renowned amplifier at a much reduced price with a factory warranty. It doesn’t get much better than that.
I believe in full disclosure. That’s why I have so much perfect feedback. The amp is pristine as I replaced some panels that had a few dings. It really does look like new. I would rate a 10 except it is used. The power supply has a few tiny dings on the edges but I challenge you to see them without a bright light and most you can’t find without running your finger along the edges. The face has one mark about an inch long that you can’t see without a bright light. I would call it a scuff more than a scratch because it doesn’t penetrate the paint.  If you expand the first picture you can see it on the left due to the flash but sitting on your the rack it can’t be seen and will look like it is brand new.     There is a ding on the bottom left corner of the power supply that you have to get down and look up at to see.

One of the concerns about Naim amps until this model was low power. That has been taken care of

  • 140W per channel output into 8 ohms; capable of prolonged output into 2 ohms with no discernible impact on performance

check my extensive + feedback going back almost 20 years as Herman on Audiogon and Herman! on eBay  and buy with confidence.

FREE SHIPPING to the US, will be insured which will cost me over $200 because of insuring such a high value item. If outside the US will cover the first $200 and buyer pays the rest. Must be insured. Unless you have extensive positive feedback I will require a wire transfer or certified check.


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