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The SX-1010 receiver from Pioneer started the Monster Receiver wars of the late 1970’s. Well worth a listen. It’s one of the best built receivers. It’s at the top of the list of performance amongst the heavyweight receivers of the time as well. Rated at 110 watts per channel. It measures 20 1/2″ x 17″ x 7″ and weighs 65 pounds. Look at the walnut case it’s near mint. Looking inside, well it shows that it was designed very well and very easy to work on or repair if needed. Mine is a One owner!!! Used very, very rarely. What a beauty! inspect the photos. It’s one of the cleanest SX-1010 Pioneer receivers! My friends father connected 1 pair of 16-ohm speakers for that one Classical radio station located here in Dallas. This receiver pulled that station in without any problems. What a real beauty!

The dimmer switch and cord needs replacing. (Waiting for my tech to respond for repairs).

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