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Found Music 2A3 Monoblock Amplifiers



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These beautiful amplifiers are the product of Scott Shaeffer and Found Music. The seductive beauty of 2A3 sound with a power that belies their 3.5W rating. Works of art, they have a dramatic sonic and visual impact.

Description from Scott:
These are 2-stage direct coupled single ended triode design. Rectification uses mercury fullwave rectifier tubes
Driver circuit is powered and operated as a dedicated amplifier by itself, rectifier is 82 and signal tube is 7A4
Output circuit has own power supply as well rectifier is 83 and tube of course is 2A3
PS and bypasses are Jantzen and Jupiter. UX4 sockets are Audio Note silver and ceramic. The amps are wired throughout with UPOCC copper. Magnetics are nickel from Intact Audio (Dave Slagle).
Output with the JJ 2A3 tubes that are stock with it is just shy of 3.5 watt into 8 ohm. The amps are made for a 6-9 ohm impedance.

Chassis is German Red Beech and the woodwork is exquisite.

Maple Timbernation amp stands shown are included in sale price.

I’m original owner and have had for just over 2 years. Good tube life left on all tubes.


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