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Full-function preamplifier/ phono stage with headphone output, remote control and switch-mode power supply.

  • Inputs: 3 unbalanced (RCAs), 3 balanced (XLRs) (both conventional voltage mode); 1 current mode (RCAs). Phono input has variable phono capacitance and load resistance. Outputs: 2 pairs unbalanced (RCAs), bridgeable and 2 pairs balanced (XLRs), bridgeable, both conventional voltage mode; 2 pairs current mode (RCAs), 1 pair for unbridged connection, the other pair used in bridged mode; 1 pair tape output (RCAs); ¼” stereo headphone jack. 6-pin XLR for control data.
  • Maximum voltage gain: 20dB, line stage; 32dB, 38dB, or 44dB, phono MM, +27dB for MC.
  • Line input impedance: 20k ohms balanced, 10k ohms unbalanced.
  • Phono input impedance: 10k-60k ohms plus 60pF through to 350pF, both continuously variable (MM); 220 ohms plus 4.7nF (MC).
  • Current input mode: 50 ohms. Output impedance: 340 ohms balanced, 170 ohms unbalanced; >30k ohms current mode; 10 ohms headphones; 340 ohms tape.
  • Distortion: unmeasurable, below noise floor. At full specified output,  250 parts/billion (-132dB) for balanced and unbalanced and current modes.
  • Phono equalization: RIAA ±0.5dB.
  • Power consumption: 100W max. AC mains voltage, 40-200Hz: 85-240V AC, 120-340V DC (power supply will operate up to 270V, but IEC sockets rated only up to 240V by regulatory authorities).
  • Dimensions: 17.5″ (448mm) W by 9.4″ (240mm) H by 15.6″ (400mm) D.
  • Weight: 50.6 lbs (23kg).
  • Retails Price: US$15,990.

Fantastic pre amplifier with excellent phono stage. The phono stage has four stages: an “ultra-low-noise input stage” with a 20x gain for MC cartridges, which can be switched out when using MM or high-output MC carts. This is followed by a high-input-impedance FET amplifier with 4x or 8x gain options. The output of this portion of the circuit is then fed to a 15Hz, third-order, high-pass Bessel filter that serves as a rumble filter. Next, RIAA equalization is applied, and the output of the RIAA stage is fed to a “low-noise input selector stage” that has a gain of 2x, depending on the gain of the selected phono input. Two mini toggle switches on the dm10’s rear panel control all of this: one selects MM or MC, the other 1x, 2x, or 4x overall phono gain

Again, the most remarkable aspect of Halcro’s phono stage is its complete and unconditional background silence. The dm10’s silence permitted previously unheard microdetails to rise from the noise floor and flesh out the sonic picture in a thousand little ways that added life to the illusion of recorded music.

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