SoTM Trifecta Package




If you have not heard of this SoTM Trifecta, check out this thread:  A novel way to massively improve the SQ of computer audio streaming. I would prefer to sell as a complete package but will also willing to sell items separately.

SoTM Trifecta package includes:

  • SoTM txUSB ULTRA with optional Master Clock Input (Modded to supply 2 clock frequencies to the sMS-200 & 1 clock frequency to SoTM modded switch)
  • SoTM SMS-200 (Modded to accept external clock signals of 24MHz (for USB) and 25MHz (for Ethernet) from an SoTM txUSBUltra)
  • Netgear GS105 Switch (Modded by SoTM to accept 25MHz from tXUSB ULTRA + Capacitors upgraded + Internal power regulators upgraded to the linear power regulators)
  • Three Digikey SMB Cables

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