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From the Merging Website:

MERGING+NADAC was born out of the repeated request from Merging’s mastering and recording engineer customers to provide a DAC for the audiophile market. This would be for their own customers, the music lovers, the high-resolution lovers, the purity lovers, a DAC able to reproduce the same experience, the same transparency they, as engineers, enjoyed in their studio when working on their Masters.

The universally acclaimed sound quality, transparency and precision of the Horus and Hapi professional converters was something these engineers were dying to offer to the people who were purchasing their music, their chef d’oeuvre.

We carefully listened and designed MERGING+NADAC based on the Horus and Hapi architecture and principle, but with a lot of improvements expected by the audiophile market, like channel summing, dedicated headphone DA, unique ergonomics and of course a superb aluminum chassis.

Not only did we deliver state of the art music listening in an audiophile environment, but also introduced some radical design enhancements to MERGING+NADAC, like tablet and smartphone remote control as well as some of the recipes which made Horus and Hapi such a great success and revolutionary in their own market. Most notably, the network audio communication through RAVENNA.


This is the two channel version of the NADAC. The DAC is in great condition and has the latest firmware installed.  It includes the power cable and the custom ethernet cable.


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