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Bryston BCD-3 CD Player



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Bryston BCD 3 CD Player

Selling this CD player for a friend who just does not want to bother with selling a item.  He bought a Bryston BCD 3 directly from a dealer used it for apprx 1 month and it developed an issue.  He sent it back to the dealer and was sent this unit directly from Bryston, He told me he barely has 20 hours on this player, I have it in my system but have only played a few disc’s on it as well, as my collection now resides on a hard drive.  So this payer may not even be broken in yet.  My buddy went with a very pricy CEC belt drive transport over this player.

This is a dedicated best we can make says Bryston, 16 bit/44.1kHz 2 channel CD player.  It only handles Redbook CD’s of which I’ll bet most of our collections are littered with.  It has NO digital inputs but does offer 2 Digital outputs (AES and  SPDIF RCA) to send data directly to a DAC if desired. This unit comes with no remote control instead with an Ethernet connection can be controlled through a web user interface that mimics the front panel.  I have not tried this as my listening room is Wi-Fi only.  The DAC has 2 AK4490 DAC chips per channel (4 total) working in differential mode.  The build quality is excellent as is its sound.  Cosmetically the only flaw I can find is on one side panel, it looks like a small dent in the metal plate, not a scratch a depression, it well could have been on the plate before it went through the powder coat process.   Have a photo of this posted.

Stereophile and Absolute Sound have both reviewed this player and have given it very positive recommendations.   Google the player for more specific information.


MSRP is $3495 and as stated dac has less than 50 hours on it we are asking $2600.  Buyer to pay shipping and paypal fees.  Original Box 22x15x7, 15lbs, origin Zip 37923



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