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Pre-owned, in good working condition.

Beautiful sounding cd player built like a tank. SP/DIF, AES/EBU, Toslink digital ins and outs. RCA and balanced analog outs.

Pair of Burr-Brown PCM-1704 Dacs followed by zero feedback current/volatage conversion stage. Filtered power supply.

As former customers of Bay Area Audio shops, Jae Wheeler and Hugh Fountain perceived a need which was not then being met. That need was for an exact match between the customer and the system they owned. Each room would be equipped with a complementary and appropriately matched set of components for any given system. The hope was to cater to the needs of individuals, each possessing a different set of tastes and desires. This vision of how a store should interact with a customer meant that each room would have many possible configurations. Switching devices, while making the job seemingly easier for staff members, would only get in the way of the true sonic nature of each component. So switching devices would never be used at Music Lovers. Coupled with a competent, informed and friendly sales staff, customers could have their needs met exactly based upon empirical listening sessions and punctuated by feedback given and questions answered. Few customers would have the same system, but all would leave the store with the same high level of service.


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