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This unit contains a 120GB solid-state drive for cached playback from an NAS, or your external drive, which is the configuration I have been using with my Synology NAS, working flawlessly). If preferred, local storage can be easily added but my goal was to keep noise to a minimum, hence no internal HD. The performance, using the cached files from the NAS is simply exceptional. The interface of the Aurender is also award winning and amazingly useful. More importantly, the sound quality of the N100 is truly outstanding.

Note that the N100H version is the same unit, except for an additional, large internal hard drive to store your music on. Many people find that the N100 is preferable, as using a NAS or ultra high quality external drive may often produce superior sound quality.

This unit provides software decoding of MQA content through Aurender’s terrific Conductor app for iPad and other applications such as Tidal, MCA, etc. Remember that for full, and complete decoding an MQA-certified DAC is required in your system.

Used lightly in a smoke free, kid free, pet free environment. Comes with power cord and all original packaging. Buyer must pay shipping and PayPal fees.

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