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There is not much love for vintage Computer Audiophile gear but this has been in my closet for several years.  Before the Microrendu (and variants), Sonore made the Rendu Network Player which was a DLNA dedicated streamer – ethernet input/BNC spdif output (they offered I2S output as an option but this unit does NOT have it).  I was in the process of moving when I bought it and my new place didn’t really have a need so I “saved it for later”.  I even had it upgraded by Sonore to signature status!  By the time I thought about networking again the Microrendu and Roon, HQPlayer NAA, etc had all come out and I wanted to play with that.  This has never been used until yesterday when I tried it out.  I wanted to make sure it worked so I plugged it in – attached it to a spdif input on a Chord DAC and a network switch.  I did a quick install of JRiver as a DLNA player – the rendu showed up under “Now Playing” as an output and I had music – 5 minutes, no configuration, no manual, plug and play.  It sounded very good! I am sure it will sound better after settling in.

This was an expensive device ($2000 with upgrade) but frankly, compared to a Microrendu or SoTM streamer, it’s a one trick pony so  it will either work for you or not – if you are a JRiver or Bubble user and have a spdif DAC (no USB) then this is a fine, even excellent, network solution.  You can still read about it on the Sonore site.


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