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For you consideration is my Sonore Signature Rendu an ultimate renderer. This is the same SSR that was raved about when used in conjunction with the PS Audio Direcstream DAC on I’ve been using it just like that, ethernet into my SSR and the HDMI I2S connection to the DIrectstream DAC. It has worked flawlessly for years using my NAS as a server and Lumin as the controller. I am the original owner and I have the original box.

This one is no longer made. There are essentially no more I2S renderers in existence anymore except for the rare one that comes up for sale as were mine. This is NOT the new SE version which is Ethernet to USB, this one is Ethernet to HDMI I2S or SPDIF (on BNC) and therefore can be used with many more DAC that are not USB DACs.

I am selling due to ordering a Bridge II for my DAC so that they is one less box as my rack is too full. The SE sells for $4200 CAD, this one was $2900 USD ~ $3500-3600 CAD. My price is fair and firm, I don’t NEED to sell, I just wish to move on to someone who will put it to better use.

I bought it in Aug ’14. It has worked without a single hiccup. The only hiccups I had was with originally setting up Lumin, but that is between my NAS and my tablet. The Android version of Lumin works but seems to constantly drop recognition of my server on my NAS, needing to close and reopen again, more of an annoyance then a problem. I put Lumin on my iPad and have had zero problems since.

I have a fancy BNC to RCA cable (Neotech NEVD-2001 BNC Digital Cable Deep Cryo Treated, from Take Five Audio) that I used with this and another DAC before I got my Directstream. I can offer that as well.

It has a silver face. Zero cosmetic blemishes, I rate it an 8 conservatively. I’ll take photos later, it is inconveniently located in my rack enclosure at the moments, so hard to take photo.

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