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Priced for immediate sale is my SOtM sMS-200ultra with the following features:

• Neo version upgrade
• Custom 20 AWG solid core Neotech silver internal DC cables (description below)
• eABS-200 EMI absorber
• 50 ohm master clock connector
• 2 SMB connectors for re-clocking a pair of FMCs
• Sony SR-64HXA “low noise” microSD card

Includes original box and power adapter.

MSRP: $1800

I replaced the two SOtM-upgraded stranded silver internal DC cables with double shielded, twisted pair 20 AWG solid core Neotech silver cables. (The standard SOtM silver DC upgrade uses unshielded 22 AWG stranded silver of lesser quality.) The first photo shows the 2-layer shielding utilizing tinned copper braid for the inner shield and pure copper braid for the outer shield. The second photo shows the upgraded SOtM and custom DC cables side-by-side.

The custom DC cables lower the noise floor far below what is possible with an sMS-200ultra that has the SOtM silver cable upgrade. The sound is much more open, and the background is completely silent. Highlights include richer and more textured vocals and a sharper image, with the placement of instruments being much more precise.

Note: The screw in the upper left corner of the face plate is missing. The thread was damaged when opening the case. This minor flaw does not affect performance and is difficult to see except when close up.

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sMS-200ultra Neo


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