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Introducing the LINK from STACK AUDIO
The Stack Audio LINK is a new USB music streamer. Here at Stack Audio we understand the importance of a clean audio source. Music sounds more real, enjoyable and immersive when we can remove unwanted noise, resonances and interference. These sources of extra energy are simply distortions. The LINK has been built from the ground up for noise-free playback.

The world of digital music playback can be confusing with so many different options to choose from: music files on PCs and laptops connected by USB or Wi-Fi; NAS drives on home networks with carefully archived CD libraries; internet radio and subscription services like Tidal, Qobuz, Spotify. The LINK is a universal solution that easily, simply and elegantly adds streaming capability from all these sources to existing hi-fi systems, giving you maximum flexibility.

If you are a music lover with a well-balanced system that has been refined to please your tastes, you’ll want the LINK.
Humans are very perceptive when it comes to phase and timing accuracy, so it is imperative to remove unwanted elements from the incoming signal that distort or disrupt the signals phase and timing. Phase accuracy is vital to a true analogue representation of your music.

The LINK has a solution to the problem of digital noise. We worked with renowned audio electronics engineer John Westlake on the LINK streamer. With over 25 years of award-winning designs to his name in digital audio, John is the perfect partner for Stack Audio and an expert in removing noise from the signal path.

The LINK has a signal detox system that solves the problem of electromagnetic interference (EMI) and jitter damaging timing accuracy:

Ultra-low phase noise USB audio clock
A jitter attenuation system that synchronizes the ethernet input to the digital audio master clock, reducing the small variations in the timing of the digital signals
A dedicated USB audio output that buffers the signal to purify the signal further
EMI filter circuitry that removes interference from the USB output

Power supplies are essential to energize circuits and make electronics work. However, if they are not implemented well, they can add noise and distortion. The LINK’s advanced digital processors are powered by an extremely low noise, multi-stage power circuit to enable them to achieve peak performance. It comes supplied with a low leakage medical grade DC power supply.

Nine organic low resistance capacitors help filter and purify the power
Three independent switching regulators are synchronized to the audio clock. This ensures that the fluctuations of the switching circuit are in time with that of the audio clock reducing fluctuations and noise
A triple linear regulated circuit purifies remaining noise
Not all DACs require power from the USB input, so the LINK features a USB power switch for further noise suppression. The USB power feed is no longer active alongside the data line

By inputting a USB stream from your laptop/computer you can take particular advantage of the Detox circuitry removing noise. All incoming signals pass through the Detox system, whether USB, Ethernet, or Bluetooth, so the benefits are audible however you use the LINK.

For an audio company the complexity of developing a stand-alone software eco system is substantial and it has to be kept up to date with the ever-changing landscape of file-based media services.

By using Volumio as the foundation of the LINK’s operating system, Stack Audio is able to deliver a product that can work as you want it to: an audiophile USB hub; a UPnP or OpenHome endpoint; an AirPlay compatible or Chromecast player; a Roon endpoint. In simple terms the LINK enables you to choose.



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