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Focal Elear Headphone



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These headphones are in great condition. Low usage due to multiple headphone in-house.  Their strengths are in the low midrange and bass area. There is a very good response in the midrange and treble.  The good news is when using a balance headphone cable such as one made by LQI, the Elear takes on more of the soundstage and breaths life into the music at a faster pace. This has caused me to postpone the sale in the past each time I re-visit the sound.

Comes with original storage box and cable. Will provide insight into how to raise the performance of this headphone with a simple mod.


LQI balanced cable is additional and wholly recommended.   If not I can provide info on an inexpensive single-ended silver cable that speeds up the response and clears up some of the muddiness in the lower mids.



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