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Hear What a Difference Pristine Power Makes!

Shunyata Hydra 4 ($ 900) offers individually filtered outlets, with the power distributed via massive copper buss bars, 2 cryogenically treated proprietary Shunyata SR-Z1 duplex outlets provide clean, safe power for any mix of 4 digital or analog components.

The Hydra Model-4 Trident Defense System provides noise-reduction with Shunyata’s best five-element Venom filter array, isolating and protecting each duplex outlet as independent power-sources. Statement-making surge and spike protection is passively implemented and totals a line-popping 60,000-amps of peak current protection. Rounding out the Hydra six package is enormous over-current protection in the form of Carling’s best hydraulic electromagnetic breaker.

NOTE: Hydra Power conditioners do NOT come with power cords. This one does. 🙂 Included is a used, like new Shunyata HC venom power cord 20A, 1.7m ($ 200)


  • 4 proprietary Shunyata outlets
  • “Trident Defense System”
  • 2400 watts @ 20 amps continuous
  • Surge protection (20,000A)
  • Individually filtered outlets
  • 7 element Venom Noise Filter
  • Solid copper buss bars
  • Detachable 20A inlet
  • All metal chassis

Some marks on front , see photos.

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