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I have changed the configuration of my audio set up and have two(2) extra LPS 1.2’s that I no longer use (ONLY ONE UNIT LEFT). As new condition.

From the web site:

  • Where previously the user adjustable output voltages of the LPS-1 were 3.3V, 5V, and 7V, the new UltraCap LPS-1.2 offers you 5V, 7V, 9V, and 12 volt output choices. This broadens the range of devices that can be powered. Maximum guaranteed output current—at all voltages—is still 1.1A.
  • The output voltage regulators—previously a cascade of the very fine (4.2µV/RMS noise) Texas Instruments TPS7A4700—have been changed to the truly extraordinary (0.8µV/RMS!) Linear Technology LT3045—a pair of them paralleled in a configuration that further lowers output impedance.  We are down into the 3mOhm (10Hz-100KHz) range now!
  • A power on/off switch has been added.  Some people prefer to turn off the supply at times.  Now you can do so without having to unplug any cables.
  • The complex charging circuity has been redesigned around the very expensive ($28 each whether we buy 100 or 1,000 pcs.) Linear Technology LTM4607 regulator micro-module.  This was done both to allow for the higher (18V) internal charge voltages required to offer the 12V output, and to improve reliability and robustness of the input side of the unit. (A few people have fried their LPS-1 units with over-voltage spikes from 3rd-party chargers.)  As you can see from the back panel, the input voltage range has been expanded; the LPS-1.2 can run off chargers from 7-24V.
  • The electrical math of providing the new 9-volt and 12-volt output settings on the LPS-1.2 necessitates the use of a higher wattage AC>DC power supply to “energize”/charge the unit.  The strict requirement for the charger is now 36 watts—and we print this on the back panel.  As before, we are flexible with regards to the voltage of the charger—but the charger voltage times its current capability MUST equal 36W or greater.  (So you can see 7.5V/4.8A, 9V/4A, 12V/3A, 18V/2A, 24V/1.5A are all acceptable charger ratings.)
  • The UltraCap LPS-1.2 has a small, 3-pin (standard 0.1” header pin spacing) port for measuring output voltage and device current draw.  Typically measuring the current draw of a device requires putting an ammeter in series with the power cable (DC or AC) feeding it.  But this clever port provides a measurement of current with a voltage: 1 Volt equals 1 Amp.  So if you measure 0.2V (across the pins labeled ‘G’—for ground—and ‘I’—for current), that means the device you have attached to the output is drawing 0.2A or 200mA. The pin labeled ‘V’ always outputs the voltage that the LPS-1.2 is set to.  Small displays are available cheaply to use this, and we may develop our own little display board to peek up from back of the unit.

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