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Very reluctantly listing these, but a new baby and dialing back to half-time work while I go to law school all mean finances will be tight for the foreseeable future. And I’m not likely to be listening as much as in the past. So, I’m downsizing the system. Will also be listing my Lampizator Big7 DAC soon if people are interested.

I bought these DA-RMa’s from Jonbee on AudioCircle.com about 3 years ago. Confirmed with Lou/Daedalus that they have the V2 upgrades. They easily unseated Spatial M1 Turbo’s (earlier version of the M3’s that Spatial currently offers) that I had and loved for about 6 months previous. The Daedalus are very dynamic, spatially resolving, tonally dense, and easy to place. I’ve had them in two rooms – one medium sized living room with a lot of glass, and other quite large (25 x 30ft with cathedral ceiling). In both cases they were easily able to fill the room with music. I’ve run them with a Line Magnetic 518ia, Odyssey Kismet, and Mivera Purepower amps all with excellent results. These speakers can run on anything, and will show you the best in your amps/chain. I have continuously upgraded my system over the past 3 years, and they have always been transparent to changes in the system and helped me to find my path.

They’re large monitor-style speakers and come with a decorative maple plinth and matching walnut bases/stands. The bases/stands have a hole in the top. They came from Jonbee with some rockwool fill, but I removed that to fill them with sand to nice effect. The bases/stands also come with a set of spikes (for carpet) and a set of Herbies decouplers (for hard flooring) – so you’re set regarding coupling/decoupling to floor. I really like the fact that the stands and plinths are separate, as it is not just decorative and interesting but also quite helpful on occasion. I found the ability to turn the speakers slightly on the plinth was very helpful in establishing toe-in and other minor placement issues without having to pick up and move the entire speaker like you would with full floorstanders.

Condition of the speakers themselves is excellent – I can’t find any flaws. The bases and maple plinths aren’t built to the same level of quality as the speakers themselves, though, and they have a couple cracks due to age/humidity over time. They’re minor in my opinion, and don’t affect their structural performance. But they are visible, especially the one on the maple plinth, from seating position if that makes a difference to you. Pics below.

Pics below, as well as one of the reasons for sale.

Asking $5000 shipped in conus. Location is Tucson, AZ – 85745. Can arrange delivery if within a few hours’ drive of Tucson. I’m willing to drive up to 4 hours to meet the buyer with these. That would mean I could deliver to Phoenix, Flagstaff, or El Paso, and I could meet So Cal LA/San Diego, Las Vegas, or Albuquerque/Santa Fe folks in the middle for a swap. And I’ll take cash if you’d like for an in-person exchange. I can fit all four boxes without too much trouble in my Prius, and you’d likewise not need a massive vehicle if we were meeting in the middle.

Payment preferred via Zelle, but accepted via Paypal. Zelle is the alternative to Paypal/Venmo/etc that most large banks are using to give their customers the ability to send direct electronic payments from person to person with no fees.

Any questions, please ask.


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