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Only listing, in NA (I believe).

So…I might write something, all flowery and audiophile-y later…lol; but for now…these are the “best” (that adjective, being entirely subjective on this hobby) I have ever owned…under $10k/pair (other candidates include, Dynaudio Confidence C1 Signatures, Harbeth 30.1, Aerial Acoutsic 6T, KEF Reference 1s).

The key? Balance!

As you all know…because it seems to me, Superphonica is a marketplace; with a pretty sophisticated and knowledgeable customer-base (because it is “rooted” in the Computer Audiophile community). There is NO, “perfect” speaker. IMO…it defies physics even; big bass, inevitably smears mid-range purity…etc.

For me…while all of the very good speakers I tried; had their own strengths…none walked the line, like PMCs.

If you look at my long-standing, and unblemished feedback…at that Gone site (lol); you’ll see…based on my volume…I was a certified, box-swapping, maniac. Owned a lot of speakers; and 6 pairs of PMC. Cut my teeth on FB1i…then an intro to the glorious world, of 3-ways and soft-domed mid-ranges; with OB1i. FACT 3s…Twenty-23s, Twenty-26s…and now, the Twenty5-23.

I have to say…these are the “best”; especially if you have a small-to-medium room, and don’t have an Engineering degree (for a high degree of difficulty, in placement…lol).

OK; enough flowers for now. I’ll write more in a spell; and you can always drop me a line, and talk shop.

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