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Wilson Audio Sophia Series 2 in the color Parchment Gray.



Wilson Audio
It is no small thing to improve upon something so special as Sophia. The risk is
that some elusive ingredient key to her magic would give way in the process of pushing
another area of performance. The design team knew that in developing Alexandria X-2,
MAXX Series 2, and the new Duette they had uncovered new technologies that, if applied
to Sophia, would improve her performance. So, with a protective eye on preserving
those qualities that imbued Sophia with intrinsic grandeur, Wilson Audio set out to
improve on Sophia’s strengths through an application of these new technologies.
Wilson Audio introduces the Sophia Series 2.

New Tweeter
There is some confusion in the market place as to what technical qualities are
important to musically correct high-frequency performance. While other manufacturers
blindly pursue dubious performance parameters such as ultra-wide bandwidth or gratuitously
exotic materials, Wilson continues to focus on those technologies that truly
contribute to better performance. The MAXX Series 2 featured new proprietary tweeter
technology that significantly reduced spurious noise artifacts generated in the rear of
the tweeter. The result was high frequencies with unprecedented transparency and resolution
combined with a much lower noise floor. This same technology has been applied
to the new Sophia Series 2 tweeter. Sweet, delicate highs were already a hallmark of
Sophia. The Series 2 tweeter builds on these strengths with greater air, sweetness, reso-
lution, and an utterly grainless sense of purity. Highs emerge from a silent, black background.

Revised Crossover
David Wilson and the Wilson engineering team are ever searching for the sources
of time-domain distortion. During the development of Alexandria, Wilson discovered
that the interaction between the high and low pass filters created propagation delay
noise they dubbed “crossover jitter.” Dave and the engineers created crossover strategies
and topologies that reduced this deleterious interaction. The reduction in distortion-noise
allowed Dave and the design team to hear into the loudspeaker and detect
and parse out problems previously obscured by the noise. Thus the breakthrough not
only improved the areas of performance directly related to the anti-jitter technology,
but also allowed enhancements to be made in other areas of the loudspeaker as well.
This process was applied during the development of MAXX Series 2, and now has been
empployed in the Sopia Series 2. In the Sophia Series 2, low-level details, previously
obscured by noise, now shine forth from a black background. Midrange beauty, clarity,
and musicality, already a strong point of Sophia, are noticeably better in the Series 2.
Instrument texture and timbre are more convincingly rendered and complete.

Recessed Diffraction Pad and Pin-Style Grill
Introduced in the Alexandria and subsequently employed in the MAXX Series 2,
the austenitic stainless steel pin system ensures non-resonant and reliable grill attachment.
The diffraction pad, which previously sat atop Sophia’s baffle, is now recessed
flush to the façade. Problems of diffraction pad detachment are nearly eliminated.
Sophia’s shape is enhanced, taking on a more finely sculpted and integrated profile.
In designing the original Sophia, Wilson Audio determined to introduce not merely
a more accessible loudspeaker, but the best compact single cabinet loudspeaker we
could build, and the best loudspeaker in its price range, period. To improve upon that
was a daunting task. Wilson Audio’s engineering team accomplished its goal and, with
Sophia Series 2, has again raised the bar in terms of performance, value, and sheer

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Sophia 2



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