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For your consideration. A pair of Wilson Audio Watt Puppy 5.1s in gloss black. The Wilson Audio name hardly needs an introduction in the audio industry; the iconic Watt Puppy is no expectation. I am the second owner of these speakers, the first owner purchased them from an authorized dealer. I have the original crates which are in storage in San Antonio, TX but they are yours if you would like them. In addition, I have a complete set of matching hardware for the footers.

As you may know, these speakers have a few years of life behind them. I have addressed some of the common wear tear associated with the WPs. Firstly, the previous owner had the woofers replaced recently, and I have double checked the spiders to make sure everything is working as it should. In addition, I have replaced the diffraction pad on the watt, however, I have not yet addressed the diffraction pads on the puppies. The foam will likely need to be replaced, however, replacements are available from Wilson Audio. Moreover, given the age of the speakers they do have minor cosmetic imperfections here and there, but overall, they are in good condition. I encourage you to make your assessment from the photos.

My reason for selling: My listening room is quite small, and I cannot afford more than a few inches of placement distance from the walls. I have downsized to a pair of Harbeths which are more suitable for my current set-up. Even as I write this, I cringe at the comparison in the build quality between the puppies and the Harbeths and what a downgrade the Harbeths are, but nevertheless, I must be realistic in my assessment of my room. Speakers are located in College, Station, TX, anybody interested in looking at them in person is welcome to, and I may be able to arrange delivery in the surrounding cities if the offer is fair.


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