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Vandersteen Model 2W series subwoofers augment the deep bass response of a stereo or home theater speaker system. They provide the power, dynamics and low-frequency detail required for superlative reproduction of music and film. In addition to assuming the responsibility for deep bass reproduction, both of these subwoofers dramatically improve the mid-bass and midrange response of any speaker system. It couples advanced materials, construction and design with innovative technology in a system that is always true to the emotion and content of the original sonic source.

The 2W subwoofer series is compatible with a wide range of main speakers from Vandersteen and other manufactures. Large main speakers with accurate frequency and phase response extending at least an octave below the crossover point will provide optimum blending and linearity through the crossover region. (Basic filter theory dictates that the main speakers must have predictable response at least an octave below the crossover point to insure seamless blending and linearity with the subwoofer.)

Smaller, limited-range main speakers will benefit from the 2W series’ superior pitch definition and lack of midrange interference which provide better integration and system coherence than is possible with a conventional subwoofer.

The subtlety of a plucked bass, the complex harmonics of an organ and the incredible power of modern movie sound effects are all beyond the reach of many speaker systems. Even subwoofers rarely excel at all three, their designers choosing to compromise one in exchange for proficiency at another. Vandersteen Audio refused to compromise. The original Model 2W spent five years in the prototype stage being tested, evaluated, measured and revised before its introduction in 1984. Equal exhaustive attention was paid to the technology of the V2W.

Vandersteen 2W series subwoofers use three active eight-inch drivers rather than a single large woofer. The three eight inch drivers equal the cone area of a fourteen-inch woofer, but with much higher motor-to-cone-area ratio. The high ratio improves pitch definition and insures stable frequency and phase responses throughout and beyond the drivers ’ operating range. This allows more crossover design flexibility since a steep-slope, high-order crossover is not necessary when the drivers perform well several octaves past the crossover frequency.

The drivers are downward firing in a front slot-loaded configuration to provide superb bass detail, impact and dynamics while minimizing any potential midrange interference.

Each of the drivers uses a heavy duty 1 1/2 inch, four-layer voice coil engineered to withstand high temperatures. Each voice coil is within a massive 40 oz, high gauss magnet structure for increased control and efficiency. Critically damped, long fiber cones with environmentally stable butyl rubber surrounds are used for excellent rigidity and linearity.

The drivers are connected to a built-in 300-watt amplifier with advanced feed-forward error correction. This powerful amplifier provides the benefits of bi-amplification to the system without the additional expense and complexity of an additional separate amplifier.

The cabinets of the 2W series subwoofers are constructed of MDF (Medium DensityFiberboard), a wood product far more dense and acoustically inert than particle board. FFT analysis and listening tests refined both the shape of the enclosure and the placement of the internal braces. The entire structure is carefully designed to minimize cabinet resonances that could affect the system ’s performance.

Model 2W Series Subwoofers Specifications
(3) 8” Critically-Damped Long-Fiber Cones with Butyl Rubber Surrounds, Heavy-Duty 1.5” 4-Layer Voice Coil with 40 oz. Magnet Structure

Subwoofer Amplifier 300-Watts, Zero Current-Limiting
Amplifier Power 300 watts with no current limiting
Frequency Response – 3dB @ 20Hz and 80Hz
System Second order, slot-loaded with less than 1/2 pulse overshoot

First order/6dB per octave, 80Hz- Requires external high-pass

filter between preamp and power amp matched to power amp

input impedance (see user manual)

Input Terminals
(2) Bananas which accept high-level input from power amplifier

Dimensions (WHD) 18” x 18 1/2” x 17”

Weight 80 lbs. Net
Country of Manufacture Made in the USA

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Model 2W (white)


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