Q. How can I get better sound quality from my PC?

A. Replace with Aurender.

Frustration-Free Solutions

There are those who wish to tweak, tinker, update and optimize.
And then there are those who wish to just Listen.
Know who you are.
Act accordingly.

Aurender is the market leader in high-performance music servers, players and streamers. Our products are trendsetting by design and contest the status quo by providing a rich and satisfying user experience considered to be the best by audio critics worldwide. Our unified approach combines all the necessary components required for digital music reproduction.

The CPU, power supply, digital audio output stages, HDD storage and SSD caching drives are housed in an exquisitely machined aluminum enclosure with a fit and finish that belies its cost. Due to the inherent simplicity of our user-centric design approach, we are able to deliver advanced functionallity without the steep learning curve and connectivity challenges normally associated with typical computer-based audio systems.

Thanks to the Aurender Conductor App, complete control of all aspects of music management are accomplished from an iPad. This is a dream come true for music lovers. The ability to store and playback a vast music library, easily access TIDAL lossless streaming or simply listen to internet radio is now a reality. And there’s an Aurender music server for every system at any budget that will maximize your musical enjoyment.

introducing | A30

A Marriage of Performance and Convenience

The A30 is the flagship model from our range of analog output music servers. Like the other analog output models, the A10 and A100, A30 is at its essence, a caching music server/streamer with internal storage with MQA Full-Decode DAC and control via our app, Aurender Conductor. What distinguishes the A30 from others is the pure audio performance and exhaustive feature set. We’ve designed the A30 to function as the comprehensive digital focal point of your system providing features and functions not typically found in a typical music server. Unique and useful ones like CD ripping, balanced headphone amplifier, 8TB internal storage, ultra-wide color LCD display and a complete software suite of metadata editing and library management tools. All this and much more make the A30 the new performance standard of all-in-one digital source components.

introducing | A100


Aurender’s newest creation, the A100, delivers a level of audio performance and sophistication the simply belies its low cost. Bringing together everything necessary to enjoy your file-based music and favorite digital streaming services with exceptional fidelity and operational ease, the A100 is the ideal source component choice. Based on our more costly A10, the A100 sacrifices little in terms of audio performance. We’ve employed a smaller chassis and only unbalanced outputs. The Full-Decode MQA dac is in a stereo configuration, as opposed to dual-on and there is 2TB of storage instead of 4TB. For users seeking advanced streaming capability, A100 also fully supports TIDAL, Qobuz and internet radio that’s embedded within our award-winning Conductor application.

W20 | Flagship Music Server

Designed to be used with highest performance digital-to-analog converters.

Seeking the finest in file-based media playback? Look no further.

The Aurender W20 is designed to be the source component for the highest performing DACs available today. Incorporating unique features like dual AES/EBU digital outputs, battery operated power supply and support for external word clocks, the W20 moves the performance bar to the next level. 12TB of music library storage on dual internal HDDs and a 240GB SSD playback cacheing drive ensure your music is safely stored and accessible in full fidelity at the touch of a button.

The W20 is the perfect solution for the most discriminating collectors of high-resolution music.

Now available with MQA Core Decoder* software upgrade (optional in-app purchase).

*The MQA logo is a trademark of MQA Ltd.

N10 | Modern Method

If the point is listing to music, why waste time fussing endlessly with technology? There is a better way.
Take for example the Aurender N10.

The N10 blends world-class audio performance with a user experience that’s second to none. System reliability and stability is due to the indivisible relationship between software and hardware, resulting in appliance-like predictability. Available in 4TB or 8TB internal storage and a full range of digital audio outputs make the N10 best suited for the most sophisticated of digital audio playback systems.

Now available with MQA Core Decoder* software upgrade (optional in-app purchase).

*The MQA logo is a trademark of MQA Ltd.

A10 | Antidote To Option Paralysis

For those who seek simplicity we offer the A10. By incorporating a music server, streamer, preamplifier and MQA Full-Decode DAC into one compact chassis we can meet the needs of music lovers who wish to eschew the complication of separate components.

As a music server, it can store up to 4TB of high-resolution music files. As a streamer, it can navigate and access TIDAL’s vast library of MQA and CD quality resolution content as well as internet radio. As a preamplifier, it can connect directly to your amplifier or active speakers further reducing system cost and complexity. And from the A10’s analog outputs, the sound of a MQA* Full-Decode DAC which captures the full magic of the original master recording.

*The MQA logo is a trademark of MQA Ltd.

X100L | Artist Management

A large music library can be difficult to store, organize, and manage – that is unless you own an Aurender X100L.

Internally equipped with damped 6TB or 12TB HDDs capable of storing over 18,000 ripped compact discs. Our app, Aurender Conductor, was developed with these large collections in mind so you don’t have to struggle to find and play your favorite music. Lighting fast and intuitive, Conductor puts artists, albums and songs right at your fingertips. The lossless streaming service Tidal is embedded into Aurender Conductor so finding what you want to hear on Tidal is just as simple as locating a file.

Now available with MQA Core Decoder* software upgrade (optional in-app purchase).

*The MQA logo is a trademark of MQA Ltd.

N100H | Less is More

If you ever owned a computer audio system, you know that time spent fussing is time lost listening. Consider the alternative – the Aurender N100H.

Music is stored on its internal hard drive available in either 2TB or 4TB capacity and a 120GB solid state SSD caching drive performing all file playback for superior fidelity and reliability.

N100C | More is More

Identical to the N100H but with both a USB and Coax digital output. The N100C’s Coax output is useful as many high-performance DACs over ten years old simply don’t have USB inputs.

Command and Control

All Aurender music servers are controlled a dedicated software iPad app which has been specifically developed to function exclusively with our hardware.


The Aurender S5W

· True wireless loudspeakers

· Lossless High Fidelity (16-bit/44kHz)

· Up To 50 Hour Battery Operation

· Machined Aluminum Enclosure

Docking Speaker

The Aurender Cast-Fi 7

· Compact and robust

· Solid aluminum casing

·Easy to carry with recessed rear handle

·Excellent color and grayscale reproduction

Aurender S5W Wireless Loudspeakers

HVT Product Review

Aurender Cast-Fi 7 HDMI Docking Speaker

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Retailers listed have multiple Aurender models on display allowing them the ability to fully demonstrate each Aurender Music Server and how it will improve the sound of your system and enhance your digital audio life. Visiting these Aurender Certified Experience (ACE) dealers will provide insight into the Aurender experience available through the features, capabilities and audio performance incorporated into each Aurender model.


Excel Audio – Newport Beach, CA –

Optimal Enchantment – Santa Monica, CA –

Scott Walker Audio – Anaheim, CA –

Music Lovers Audio – Berkeley & San Francisco, CA –


Don Better Audio – Cleveland, OH –

Galen Carol Audio – San Antonio, TX

The Sound Environment – Omaha, NE –

Ultra Fidelis – Wauwatosa, WI –


Command Performance AV – Falls Church, VA –

Fidelis AV – Nashua, NH –

Liquid HiFi – Charlotte, NC –

Sound by Singer – New York, NY –

The Art of Sound – Lambertville, NJ –


American Sound of Canada – Richmond Hill, Ontario –