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Merrill Audio is about building Audio equipment that unveils the music at good price points and features that are not available, sometimes at any price point.

The first amplifier was built in 1971. While the distortion was a little higher than usual, for that time and budget it played rock and roll exceptionally well. Over time, the search for better and better equipment resulted in a forming of a passive preamplifier in 2003 so that the DAC could be connected directly to the power amplifier eliminating the pre-amplifier. This preamplifier was the basis of the formation of Merrill Audio Advanced Technology Labs, LLC in 2010.

Today we still search for ways to unveil the music and deliver music that is close to live, with the piano and trumpet having that bite as though it was in your living room. The research has to be done with the best in class technologies from all over the world put together to form the best equipment for the best value.

Research is done in Bernardsville, New Jersey as is final production. After 30 plus years of experience in research, marketing, global sales and management, Merrill Audio is bringing a global perspective to its products that sound and look chic good.

Merrill Wettasinghe is the owner and Chief Music Officer of Merrill Audio, with an BSEE from University of Hawaii and an Executive MBA from Golden Gate University.

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Our Mission

The pursuit of Audio Purity started over 40 years ago when Merrill started developing audio equipment. The endless quest for audio purity led to the formation of Merrill Audio.

The mission of Merrill Audio is to deliver audio signals with the least amount of intrusion and influence from electronics on the signal being pushed through from the source to the speaker. This means components, engineered for shortest signal path with the least amount of contact points.

Collectively, Merrill Audio has over 100 years of audio experience which is being deployed in the pursuit of superior systems that deliver better user experience, better sound and easier manager systems. It will sound cleaner and be a lot easier to use.

When you turn on your Merrill Audio component, you will say WOW! Your hair will stand up when you listen to your favourite music. Audio Purity makes it live.

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Merrill Audio Christine Preamplifier$12,400.00
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Merrill Audio Cara Preamplifier$3,500.00
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Best of 2017

“…its sound quality places it within the category of the best preamplifiers available.”

Enjoy the Music
September, 2017


Newport Beach

“The sense of the holographic and authoritative presence of the music was really noteworthy, and I found myself compelled by the musicality and soundstaging of the system.”

Positive Feedback
July, 2016


Product Review

“Combining the Jens with the Christine makes for a dynamic combination. Both share the same ultra wide bandwidth design ethos and provide a very fast, clear and immediate presentation.”

Jeff Dorgay


Show Report

“This was an exceptional sounding system—open, transparent, and effortless as the best omni speakers tend to be when driven by high-quality electronics and sources.”

The Absolute Sound
June, 2016


Show Report

“…Ballsy… Boom!… Part of that is, no doubt, due to the electronics powering this room, which came courtesy of Merrill Audio.”

Scot Hull
Part Time Audiophile
May, 2016


Show Report

The New York Audio Show: Saturday Part Two
“The sound was solidly good…”

Art Dudley
November, 2015