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Sonore was founded with a simple question….how do we play hi-resolution music? As it turned out playing hi-resolution music was the easy part while making them sound good was not. When large off-the-shelf computer hardware with complex software players were the norm we preferred making things smaller and simpler. When the thinking was that 1s and 0s didn’t care about the quality of your power supply we preferred making things cleaner.

When computer audio meant using computer parts we preferred audiophile inspired designs. When the audio industry seemed content with business as usual we preferred to call for change one product at time. It’s time to be inspired again by your music.

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“That a mains-powered microRendu makes music sound tonally richer and more ‘real’ than a battery-powered 11” Macbook Air sticks a boot into the assumption that all battery power sounds superior all the time.”

John Darko
Digital Audio Review
January 27, 2017


Audiostream 2016

microRendu Runner Up Product of the Year 2016
“We’ve made a list, checked it twice, skipped the naughty, so here’s the nice. Enjoy!”

Michael Lavorgna
Audio Stream
December 14, 2016


Top Product of 2016

microRendu Overall Product of the Year 2016
“The microRendu enabled all the music to shine in its best light. I don’t believe I’ve had a sonically better source connected to my system at any time.”

Chris Connaker
Computer Audiophile
December 13, 2016


Medal OV Honor Award

microRendu receives Medal OV Honor award
“Building a streamer that is even within the same universe as these hyper-dollar flagships with a retail price of $640 would seem a near impossible task, and yet the team behind the microRendu have managed far more than that.”

October 6, 2016


Greatest Bits Award

“Doug MacLeod’s reference recording Exactly Like This never sounded better to me when played with the microRendu. The focus and definition of the instruments and voice were exemplary. The microRendu allowed the music to flow effortlessly with outstanding dynamic life and detail.”

Steven Plaskin
August 25, 2016


C.A.S.H. Listed

Sonore microRendu place on the Computer Audiophile Suggested Hardware List (C.A.S.H. List)

Chris Connaker
Computer Audiophile
June 10th, 2016

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