Listing Policy

Listing Policy

Listing on Superphonica

Part of our commitment to making Audiophile Style, LLC the best place to buy and sell audio equipment online is to maintain a certain level of standards and requirements for all listings.

Prohibited Items

We welcome the listing of audio equipment, audio accessories, headphones and music. There are, however, some items that may be related to audio that we do not permit the sale of on Superphonica. These include:

  • Services. At this time, Superphonica does not support listings for repairs, installation, and other services.
  • Concert Tickets. While concerts are certainly something that help people experience music, we cannot guarantee the validity of resale tickets and therefore don’t allow their sale on the site.
  • Offensive or Hateful Images and Symbols. Superphonica does not permit the sale of equipment that includes Nazi, Confederate, or other hateful or offensive imagery.
  • Used Software and Digital Licenses. In an effort to ensure the authenticity and legality of all digital products on Superphonica, we do not allow the sale or transfer of software licenses outside of approved direct downloads or brand new boxed software from authorized dealers.
  • Illegal Copies and Counterfeits. Superphonica strictly prohibits the sale of equipment and other products that infringe upon trademark and copyright. Equipment in question must provide pictures of all logos, serial numbers and other identifying information to be eligible for listing. If you are unsure about a specific item or wish to report an item that may fall into this category, please contact us.

Listing Descriptions and Titles

We attempt to keep all listings on Superphonica descriptive, clear and relevant to the product being sold to help inform potential buyers. Here are some recommendations to assist compliance with Superphonica’s policies.


  • Descriptive, information and transparent.
  • Disclosure of any known defects or malfunctions with the item.
  • A clear, concise title that states what item you are selling.
  • Fair and accurate pricing within the realistic range of what the item might actually sell for.

Not allowed

  • We recommend all communication between buyers and sellers stay on our the site using our messaging and offer tools.
  • Obscene or inappropriate language.
  • Cash or other off site transactions. Superphonica has plenty of options for a safe transaction that we can support in case of any issues.
  • Links to other sites where the item may be for sale.
  • All-caps typing.
  • Emoji. Including them in your listings can alter search results.
  • Language encouraging trades or listing potential trade wants.
  • Irrelevant/unrelated brand names or “keywords” to boost the listing search results.
  • Inappropriate language. Aggressive, disparaging, abusive or derogatory language directed at individuals or groups.
  • “Brand New” on Used Gear. “Brand New” condition is only applicable to equipment directly from dealers / suppliers at the retail or wholesale levels.
  • “Brand New” from Unauthorized Dealers. For brands that utilize explicit agreements authorizing eCommerce sales or third-party sites, only dealers with current agreements can utilize Brand New condition.

Product Images


  • High resolution images.
  • Store banner – Width: 1920px, Height: 360px, Format: .jpg, .gif, .png
  • Store logo – Width: 280px, Height: 280px, Format: .jpg, .gif, .png
  • Profile photo – Width: 280px, Height: 280px, Format: .jpg, .gif, .png
  • Product image – Each product image size should be larger than 640 px wide. Format: .jpg, .gif, .png
  • As many pictures as you have. Superphonica allows unlimited images for each listing.
  • Details of all specifics and serial numbers.

Not allowed

  • Obtrusive watermarks of any kind.
  • Borders and other distracting alterations, including graphics or text.
  • Collaged images.
  • Stock images. We do permit authorized dealers to use stock images on Brand New items only.
  • Placeholders. Be sure you have original, up-to-date images of the equipment when you’re ready to list; no coming soon images allowed.
  • Borrowed / non-original images. Only your own original images can be featured on your listings.
  • Screenshots. Listings accept all kinds of image file types, so please upload images in their original format.
  • Irrelevant images. People, banners, rock stars and anything else that doesn’t display the item.
  • Explicit or adult imagery. Superphonica is a site for audio enthusiasts of all ages, please take the time to censor any material not appropriate for that audience or your listing may be subject to suspension.
  • Boxed gear images. Potential buyers must be able to assess the physical condition of an item before purchasing. In cases of sealed items, authorized dealers may use stock pictures, but individual sellers’ images must show the item out of the packaging.

Disallowed Listing Actions

Apart from the content of each listing, there are some actions we do not permit when selling through Superphonica:

  • Please do not end a listing and relist the same item in a different listing. Believe us, this will actually work against you when finding a buyer.
  • Do not artificially inflate the price of an item only to drop it later. We consider this spam and grounds for suspension of the listing.
  • Listing the same item multiple times in duplicate listings, whether from the same account or multiple accounts, is strictly prohibited and may result in suspension of the listings.
  • You can’t offer to buy or sell items outside of Superphonica.
  • Our policies don’t cover transactions outside of our site. If you buy or sell items outside of Superphonica willingly, your account is subject to termination and potential reimbursement of selling fees.

Store Home Pages

In addition to the listings themselves, we also have some guidelines to follow when setting up your store page.


  • A shop name of your choosing. Keep it civil and have some fun!
  • An interesting and full banner that adds some personality to your shop.
  • A description that tells potential buyers a little about yourself and the kinds of gear you go for.

Not allowed

  • Irrelevant or potentially offensive information in your shop description.


Each seller has his or her own return policies, which should be outlined in their listings. Not all sellers accept returns. we encourage buyers to contact the seller and find out specifics before making a purchase. Superphonica is a platform made up of independant sellers who may sell infequently or operate their own stores through this site. Sellers are responsible for their own policies regarding refunds, exchanges, and returns. If items are not as described, the seller must cover the return shipping costs. If you reside in the European Union, you may be entitled to a 14-day “cooling off period,” or a “right of withdrawal,” during which you may return an item for any reason.


Each seller has his or her own shipping policies, which should be outlined in their listings. We recommend sellers use free shipping or flat rate shipping whenever possible. Furthermore, we encourage buyers to contact the seller and find out specifics before making a purchase. Superphonica requires all shipments process within 3 business days of receiving payment.