Seller Checklist

Seller Checklist


Get your item ready

Decide on the item you’re ready to sell. Snap
3-5 photos from different angles and locate
the original box with manual. Clean your item
and remove any dust bunnies.





Craft your listing

Click on the SELL link from the top of any page.
Accurately describe your item’s important details
and be very descriptive. Create your title, pick the
appropriate category, tags, and photos.




Price and publish

Provide shipping policy information. Free is best
and select the condition of item. Consider MAKE
OFFER option and price your item to sell. Last,
click SELL PRODUCT and you’re done.

Seller Checklist FAQs

  • Will my listing automatically end at some point?

    Our policy is to run listings until they sell. We will not end your listing unless you make a formal request to do so.

  • How do I list my item on Superphonica?

    Click on SELL. You will need to register if you’re not already a member. Visit Grand Central for direct access to other site features and functionality.

  • Can I list new items on Superphonica?

    Yes. While many Superphonica sellers focus on pre-owned equipment, we gladly accept listings for new items as long as the seller adheres to all our listing policies.

  • What types of payment can I accept as a seller?

    We allow sellers to use two types of payment processing methods within and PayPal Adaptive Payments which includes debit/credit cards from Visa, American Express, MasterCard, Discover. Both of these payment options provide industry leading buyer and seller protection.

  • Can I trade my gear on Superphonica?

    We recommend selling your item and using those proceeds to purchase anything you want. This is an efficient way to get the new equipment you want fast, instead of searching for interested sellers. There is no protection for trades on Superphonica.

  • Why become a Trusted Partner?

    Having this distinction will only help you sell more products, provide credibility and build immediate trust with potential buyers. It’s the best way to recognize your hard work, customer service and dedication to ethical standards.