Superphonica recommends the most cost effective and dependable shipping organization dedicated to high-end audio, Adcom Worldwide.

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Adcom philosophy
Adcom’s goal is to be a leader for the transportation industry through a national network of agencies. Adcom’s “Without Fail” structure gives you greater flexibility and more options for customization than you ever dreamed of. Adcom can make any shipping headache disappear.

It’s What You Deserve
Getting what you need from here to there safely, on time and stress free. That’s what Adcom clients like best about the company. Imagine a team so dependable, and so easy to work with, anything becomes possible. Adcom delivers. Anywhere you need. That’s Adcom’s promise to you.

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Whether you need your package next day, 2nd day or within 3-5 days, Adcom has all of the services for your needs.


Small Package

If your package needs same day service, overnight or economy, Adcom can deliver whatever the scenario.


Adcom Worldwide will tailor its services to meet the needs of your more-than-usual shipments.


Adcom has the expertise and network to manage and support the transportation of oversized cargo from door-to-door.

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