Seller Ratings

Seller Ratings

Positive seller ratings encourage customers to buy from you and establish credibility.

Accurate product descriptions

Descriptions which are accurate and contain helpful information such as product specifications, help sales. Descriptions should also offer enough detail, but at the same time, you don’t want to overwhelm a buyer with information that doesn’t add value.

Communicate with buyers

A common complaint related to low seller rating is poor communication. Responding to any and all questions builds confidence for buyers. Unanswered inquiries will result in lost sales and negative feedback.

Ship on time

Nothing hurts your ratings more than broken promises. If you have offered expedited shipping, make sure you can follow through. Free shipping is also another tried and true benefit that will help your brand. If free cannot be offered, keep the charges as low as possible. Finally, use appropriate packaging to ensure safe arrival.

Provide excellent customer service

People are more likely to leave positive ratings if you’ve gone above and beyond their expectations. If you keep your buyers happy, it will lead to more happy customers and more business.

Have a plan for poor ratings

All sellers should have a plan for poor ratings. Mistakes can happen in any situation, no one is immune to negative ratings. Think how you could rectify the situation and reach out to the buyer. No action on your part, will not fix the issue.

Seller Ratings FAQs

  • What is a seller rating?

    Seller ratings are autonomous with great communication and superior customer service. This rating is displayed publicly for all to see and serves as a badge of honor in most cases. Seller ratings can help sellers build clientele and make more sales.

  • Can I dispute a bad rating?

    We realize this can and will happen to many of us over time. There are many dependencies beyond our control and sellers take full responsibility for these items. Your first step should be with your buyer who provided the rating. They can adjust their rating for 90 days after the transaction. You should also publicly provide your written response to the situation. All of us know there are two sides to every story. To uphold the integrity of the rating system, Superhonica will not intervene unless site policies are in question.

  • How are seller ratings calculated?

    There’s no complex equation for ranking your experience. We follow the industry norm with ratings from 1-5. The more stars you receive the better the rating. Let’s not make this more complicated than it needs to be. Most of our sellers receive 4 to 5 stars. The site is built around reputation and delivering on commitments. If you receive several low ratings, you’re probably going to suffer stagnant sales.

  • What's the most common way to increase your ratings?

    Great communication is the number one reason for top ratings. Was the item delivered as described in the listing? Did the seller provide tracking information quickly without the buyer asking for it? Respond to emails and phone calls quickly. Stay calm and keep an open mind in all your communications with buyers. When treated with courtesy and consideration, even the most disgruntled buyer can become a loyal customer.

  • How should I leave feedback and ratings for multiple items?

    Leave feedback for each item and an overall rating for your experience.