Selling Tips

Selling Tips

Why Superphonica is a great place to sell your audio components.


Many audio manufacturers release new models faster than anyone can buy them.

Therefore, pre owned high-end components have tremendous resale value and generally sell fast.


Not even sure that’s a word. However, recycling your old components via Superphonica listings may lead to extra funds.

Manufacturers generally do not offer vast repair programs. Spare parts might be very valuable to another audio enthusiast.

Don't Judge

Some of the other things people don’t think to sell fall into the category of stuff you’ve probably accumulated without knowing it.

Items such as cables, and adapter plugs for equipment/gadgets you no longer own (but someone else might).

Selling Tips

Price your item right the first time

Respond to inquiries with speed

Describe your item accurately

Take quality pictures

Offer FREE shipping

Selling Tips FAQs

  • What are your fees?

    Joining Superphonica is free. There are two basic fees: (1) a selling fee and (2) a payment processing fee. It costs nothing to list an item and it stays active until it sells.

    Once an item sells, there is a 1% selling fee paid to Superphonica on the final sale price (we do not include shipping costs in this calculation). There is no minimum fee and the maximum is $349.

    The payment processing fees are independent of Superphonica, and vary by organization. PayPal and most credit cards charge 2.9% + $0.30 per transaction. International payment processing for PayPal is 4.4% per plus a fixed fee based on currency received.

    We also offer integration with Their processing fees range from 0.89% – 3.25% depending on the amount of the transaction.

  • How do I get paid?

    We partner and integrate with PayPal and Their systems are recognized worldwide, easy-to-use and, secure. You may accept payments from a wide variety of payment methods including credit and debit cards, PayPal and

    Paypal: To get paid, someone must send a payment to your email address. PayPal will send you an email to let you know you have a payment. To receive your payment, you must open a PayPal account and confirm that email address. If you already have a PayPal account, login to your account and click Activity at the top of the page to view the details of your payment.

    As soon as you receive the payment, it goes into your PayPal balance. When you have a PayPal balance, you can either use those funds to send a payment or you can withdraw the funds. Log in to your account and click Transfer to your bank to view your withdraw options. may release funds to the Seller after the Inspection Period has ended. The Inspection Period is agreed upon by both parties and commences once the Buyer confirms receipt or confirms delivery of merchandise or registrant information to the Buyer’s address on file. In the event the transaction closes without involvement from the Buyer, a 24 hour notice may be sent to the Buyer. Funds are released to the Seller the same or next business day after successful completion of a transaction and upon verification by

    For USD transactions, the seller can select from these disbursement options: domestic wire transfer ($10), international wire transfer ($20). Electronic check (ACH) payments (no charge) are also available for U.S. customers only.

  • Do you help with SEO?

    Yes. We promote your products on various sites such as: Google®, Yahoo!®, Bing® and Yandex to increase traffic and get more customers.

  • What’s the difference between transaction fees and selling fees?

    Transaction fees are independent from Superphonica and depend on your payment processing company ( or PayPal). We follow 100% transparency in all buying and selling transactions so there are no hidden fees. The selling fee is 1% of your final sale price and is the only fee Superphonica collects. That’s it.

  • How do you help sell products?

    Our easy-to-use and secure Multi-Vendor Marketplace allows standard sellers, dealers and manufacturers to sell their products. We help bring buyers and sellers together who share a common interest of High-End audio. We’ve also leverage our industry leading review and forum site from the past 10 years. Furthermore, we promote our marketplace on social media and internet using paid and/or organic methods to engage buyers and sellers.

  • What can I sell on Superphonica?

    There are several categories of audio equipment including, but not limited to: cables, analog/digital components, computers and networking, headphones, music, power, speakers and turntables.