Open your store to millions of buyers

Great Value

It’s FREE! Everybody gets to play. Very simplistic user interface for customization.

More Sales

Custom stores drive new and repeat buyers. Your buyers will feel a sense of comfort shopping at the same store driving repeat business.

Store Description

Tell your value proposition. Do you have a brick & mortar location? What makes you better than the rest?


Tell your potential buyers how easy it is to do business with you. State your shipping, return and refund policy proudly.

Billboard Image

The first impression visitors have when they access your store page. Make sure to spend a few moments making this look fantastic. Remember what they say about first impressions.

Store Logo

Easily recognized by your customers. Spent years building your name and reputation? This will help drive your brand. New to selling? Have some fun with this and create a new logo.

Social Media

Direct links to your social media accounts Facebook, Youtube, Instagram to further promote your items.

Seller Description

Great opportunity to set yourself apart. This is where you elaborate on your high ratings and great customer service.

Store FAQs

  • What's a Superphonica store?

    A Superphonica store is your custom web page to help you sell more, promote your brand and showcase your products. This customization leads to strong brand identity that keeps customers coming back. This store creates a destination where buyers can learn more about you and your policies.

  • Why open a Superphonica store?

    Simple – because it’s free, there’s no subscription commitment, stores drive new and repeat buyers and It’s the most effective tool for differentiation, all for the low selling fee of 1%.

  • Who can open a Superphonica store?

    Anyone! We don’t discriminate or ask for additional funds. When you list your item, you have immediate accessibility.

  • How do I open Superphonica store?

    Simple, create an account by registering (if you don’t already have one), list your item and you have immediate access to all of the store features. You can start your customization immediately for free.

  • How do I make changes to my store?

    (1) Click on Grand Central (2) Click on Seller Setup.

  • I don't see an option for when setting up my store. How do I offer Escrow?

    When you set up your store the only option you will see is PayPal. This was done for simplicity and speed for our sellers.  There’s good news though.  When buyers checkout with your item, they will see as an option for payment. Since requires a bit of discussion between buyers and sellers before the sale is complete, this is the prefered process.